Welcome to my world …

I’m Christine Winiarz Searle — governance maven, community development advocate, sailing enthusiast and consummate crocheter.  I live in beautiful Prince Edward County, on the north shore of Lake Ontario with my husband David.   We moved here after about eighteen years of living well, working furiously and sailing fast in Ottawa.  I met David nearly thirty years ago on a blind date in Winnipeg – our home town.  We’ve been happily married for over twenty-five years.

For as long as I can remember, I been in love with words and the process of writing – a grocery list, special events in a journal, tickler notes on a stickie, project plans, policy position papers, etc.  It seems to me that blogging is a perfect way of channeling and organizing the rush of thoughts on a wide range of topics that continuously rage through my brain.

After several years of dithering, stalking and sharing minimally on social media, I’m finally starting to transfer my thoughts, views and learnings to blog posts.  I’m excited about this new world – I hope you enjoy the experience of reading as much as I do writing.

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